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Development of stable electrodes for perovskite solar cells

Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) R&D Project (2018 - 2021)


  • The Australian National University: Prof. Kylie Catchpole, A/Prof. Klaus Weber, A/Prof. Tom White

  • Monash University: Prof. Udo Bach, Dr. Alexandr Simonov

Research Fellows

  • Dr Jun Peng (ANU)

  • Dr Gaveshana Sepalage (Monash)

(a) Schematic of the multilayer electrode concept. The transparent front electrode assembly consists of a blocking layer (BL), a current collection layer (CCL) and a current transport layer (CTL). The rear electrode consists of a BL and a combined CCL/CTL layer. (b) Photo of a semi-transparent perovskite cell fabricated at ANU, which includes a front electrode assembly consisting of MoOx (BL), ITO (CCL) and a metal grid (CTL). The gridlines can be faintly seen running vertically across the cell.

ARENA project page:


Research outputs:

Q. Chu, B. Ding, J. Peng, H. Shen, X. Li, Y. Liu, C. Li, C. Li, G. Yang, T. P White, K. R Catchpole, "Highly stable carbon-based perovskite solar cell with a record efficiency of over 18% via hole transport engineering," J. Mat. Sci. Tech. 35987-993 (2019).

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