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Monolithic Si/Perovskite Tandem Solar Cell: Towards High-Efficiency at Low-Cost

Led by  Dr. Heping Shen, Prof Kylie Catchpole, Prof. Daniel Macdonald et al.

Project Overview

This project brings together an integrated team of international experts from academia and industry to significantly reduce Si/perovskite tandem cost through development of new concepts and advanced designs. ANU has recently developed a ground-breaking and fundamentally-different Si/perovskite tandem structure that contributes to tandem cost reduction by eliminating the commonly-used interconnect layer connecting the two sub-cells, while retaining high-efficiency and being particularly advantageous for upscaling.

Building on this innovation and recent outcomes of ARENA projects, this project aims to further reduce the tandem cost while achieving high conversion efficiency and excellent stability. We will do this by making substantial improvements to device designs as well as optimising materials and processes, thus providing a clear pathway to commercialisation and contributing to an affordable renewable energy future.


Schematic of the interlayer-free monolithic perovskite/crystalline-silicon (c-Si) tandem solar cell (not to scale)

Research outputs:

  • Heping Shen, Stefan Omelchenko, Daniel Jacobs, Sisir Yalamanchili, Yimao Wan, Di Yan, Pheng Phang, Yiliang Wu, Yanting Yin, Christian Samundsett, Jun Peng, Nandi Wu, Thomas P White, Gunther G Andersson, Nathan Lewis, Kylie Catchpole, “In Situ Recombination Junction Between p-Si and TiO2 Enables High-efficiency Monolithic Perovskite/Si Tandem Cells”, Science Advances 2018;4: eaau9711.

  • Heping Shen, Daniel Walter, Yiliang Wu, Kean Fong, Daniel Jacobs, The Duong, Jun Peng, Klaus Weber, Thomas White, Kylie Catchpole, “Monolithic Perovskite/Si Tandem Solar Cells: Pathways to Over 30% Efficiency”, Advanced Energy Materials 2019, 1902840.

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