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Stable Perovskite Modules Under Real-World Conditions

Led by Prof. Klaus Weber et al.


Project overview:


This project aims to improve the durability and reliability of perovskite solar modules under partial shading conditions.

Current perovskite modules can be highly susceptible to damage from partial shading which is a common occurrence during operation, causing permanent damage due to local heating, electrical reverse bias or current flow. There is, therefore, a need to develop strategies to address this challenge and develop partial shading tolerant perovskite modules.

The project will fabricate different perovskite cells and modules using a wide range of materials and cell structures. It will experimentally investigate their properties and performance during and after reverse biasing (due to partial shading). Sophisticated computational modelling will be employed to support the experimental work and to understand what happens inside the cells during reverse biasing. This will include understanding the relationship between material composition, cell structure and partial shading tolerance to improve performance.

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